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Elliot Rhodes

The Elliot Rhodes concept is based on a unique interchangeable system that allows customers to create their own belt styles.

White Shirts have it

The Shirt Company

I was born in New Zealand and grew up on our cattle farm in the North Island. My childhood was idyllic.

OSKA Women

The German design house is becoming increasingly popular throughout Europe and the USA.

Charles Svingholm

The Charles Svingholm signature look is a blend of boho chic and sophisticated elegance much loved by the celebrities.

Deida Hats

According to milliner Deida Acero, big hats are coming back in a big way.


Lalage has always been known for the quality, sophistication and finesse of her immaculately tailored pieces.

Shi Cashmere

What have Madonna, Goldie Hawn and Julia Roberts got in common?


Over the years the Marlowe name has become synonymous with fine workmanship, elegance, quality and style; and for good reason.

Ana Konder

Ana Konder started her design business in 2002, and only a year later she was already being touted ‘the next big thing’

Mijola Daniel jewellery

Mijola Daniel's jewellery

Mijola Daniel is first and foremost a luxury jewellery brand that reflects the influences of its founder’s African roots.

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