Save The Planet

Environmental plight is never far from the headlines these days. As a society we are more aware of it than ever, but knowing where to begin to help can be difficult.

Lifestyle Essentials

Model, actress, singer and mother; Lisa B is a multi-talented woman.

Notting Hill

Acclaimed photographer and long-term resident Derry Moore explores Notting Hill’s intriguing past and vibrant present.


The Legend of the Ice People has captivated 25 million readers across Europe and has now come to the UK.

Magic in Practice

Magic in Practice includes an introduction by Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NPL) co-creator and developer Dr Richard Bandler.

Good Food Guide London

London’s restaurant scene is buzzing and at its best rivals dining in New York, Paris and Tokyo.

The Little Book of Calorie Burning

Want to know how many calories kissing passionately will shed? Well “The ittle Book of Calorie Burning” has the answers for you.

Art London

Provides art lovers with an informative and stylish guide to discovering, buying and enjoying art in the capital.

Food Is Better Medicine Than Drugs

This ‘foodie’ guide looks deep into the hidden side-effects and long-term use of prescription drugs.

52 Ways To Handle It

This new, easy-to-use book written by renowned life coach, Annabel Sutton,offers inspirational advice to help people transform their lives.

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