The club with the midas touch

The Yacht at Temple Pier

An exclusive Members only club aimed at the business and political world is opening its doors in 2009 on board London’s only permanently moored yacht.

Psychic solutions

Psychic Suzanna Vane

Our agony aunt Suzanne Vane was born a natural medium and clairvoyant.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden

We all know the scene: “My Fair Lady’s” cockney flower girl, Eliza Doolittle, selling bouquets of flowers.

Let the big times roll

"Our aim is to make Champions a household name in the property market for central London within the next couple of years."

The Farm Collective

The Farm Collective

Originally working in an investment bank for eight years, Dominic was inspired to set up the Farm Collective following a trip to Australia.

Clairvoyant for business

clairvoyant for businesses

You may not necessarily have thought that a clairvoyant could help you in business, but one of London’s most famous clairvoyants, Lee Van Zyl, most certainly can!

Athena Andreadis - music star

Musician Athena Andreadis

My father is involved in tourism and my parents had very much wanted me to join the family business after I left school,” Athena explains.

The Big Apple - in Kent

The new Chegworth Valley Farm Shop on Kensington Church Street is owned by the Deme family - farmers from Kent.
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