John Bell & Croyden

It is probably London’s most famous pharmacy, landmark name synonymous with healthcare formed in 1903: John Bell & Croyden

located in the heart of London’s West End, close to Harley Street.
Historic but most up to date
The Bell family name goes back over 200 years, always linked with the beginnings of pharmacy itself, ever since John Bell, in 1798, aged only 23, opened his own business as a chemist and druggist at 338 Oxford Street.
It may be hard to believe now, but in those days, the area around John’s pharmacy was so thinly populated that no one thought any business would do well! However, John Bell used a clever marketing technique to suggest business was brisk: he employed a boy to sit outside and pound away at an empty mortar.
He proved his point, even more so once his sons, Jacob and Frederick, joined the business. Jacob, in particular, was a moving force in his time, launching ‘The Pharmaceutical Journal’ in 1841 (one of the few technical magazine of its time), and going on to found the Pharmaceutical Society (now, The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain).
After John Bell’s death in 1849, Jacob became sole proprietor of the family company. But with no heirs, it was passed to his business partner, and eventually, to the latter’s son.
The John Bell & Croyden business we know today was formed as an amalgamation between the original notable family enterprise and Charles Croyden & Co. of Wigmore Street, in 1903, and in 1912, moved to its current location at No. 50 Wigmore Street.
Thanks to dynamic management along the way, this retail operation was a thriving success, and continued to develop through the 20th century to become the medical centre of excellence it is today, accorded the Royal Warrant as Pharmacists to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The combination of traditional personal service and 21st Century technical and medical know how has made this store an Aladdin’s cave of nutritional and specialised healthcare products, as well as prime choice for ‘Clinics’ which offer expert help and advice on many health concerns, making them, for many, preferable to a visit to their doctor.
Professionals in store include state registered chiropodist, - Gillian A Michael BSc( Hons) S.R.Ch.M.Ch.S ;Hearing Health expert audiologist, Bakti Patel BSc, RHAD; Osteopath, Claire Cheetham BSc (Hons) OST MED DO, ND ; and in the Hair Clinic, Vanessa Bailey MIT MRIPH Consultant Trichologist.

Health tests essential
The clinics are based in consultant rooms at the rear of the store, along with in house surgical fitting. Healthcare advice and information is always available, as are complimentary Cholesterol & Heart checks, blood pressure checks, Diabetes testing, and Smoking Cessation, all part of John Bell & Croyden’s commitment to healthcare excellence.
The store’s in-house nutritionist, Carolyne Hynes D.N.N R.M.A.N.M says:” Through out the years our dietary requirements have changed and so has the world around us. We all have different lifestyles and have a unique Biochemistry meaning our healthcare needs are different from one person to another. Taking this into account we have developed an additional service providing tailored one to one natural healthcare consultations. Complimenting this is our customer interactive touch screen Healthpoint system”.
-This System’s enormous database – 3,000 health topics -has been checked by the National Pharmaceutical Association and allows customers to help themselves discover and combat their health deficiencies.
Healthpoint System users can find out freely and very simply what causes a medical condition, what the signs and symptoms are, and how to best manage it, all at the press of a button. As well as specifics most customers will find something of general interest as topics include:
Weight management
Smoking cessation
Coughs and colds
Wound management
Sinus and allergies
Natural medicines
Healthpoint also provides John Bell & Croyden with a statistical breakdown of what health topics are most frequently accessed, so that they’ll know how best to allocate resources in support of medical conditions.
What’s more John Bell & Croyden have recently introduced one of these Interactive Healthpoint systems into their shop window accessible from outside the store on a 24 hour 7 day a week basis. The very latest in Touch Screen technology and is among the first in the UK.

Pharmacy and a sense of wellbeing
Pharmacy remains at the heart of John Bell & Croyden as it has always been, providing NHS and Private dispensing along with all the range of over the counter medicines you’d expect to find. The store’s long reputation for professionalism and innovation, has led it to expand its product ranges, so that stocks - more than 20,000 different healthcare products - cater to many areas, from toiletries and first aid to vitamins and home diagnostics. When it comes to supporting independent living, John Bell & Croyden’s world-wide product search facility has ensured they offer a comprehensive range of mobility, incontinence and other essential specialised aids.
Good nutrition - good skin
The Wellbeing department ranges from products to maintain good health in sports to those designed for customers on special diets., with a comprehensive choice of vitamins, homeopathic and herbal medicine solutions. The lack of sufficient vitamins can not only affect overall health, but certainly skin which is why one section of the store is dedicated to specialist skincare with some ranges backed by Dermatologists worldwide, additional to more routine skin and cosmetic products. Indeed, customers are offered a free skin analysis service which gives various information including hydration levels, based upon which, suitable products are recommended and samples offered before purchases are made.
Care, attention and innovation has earned John Bell & Croyden a global reputation for healthcare shopping and advice. It is a store as much loved by the Capital’s visitors as Londoners themselves.

50 – 54 Wigmore Street

Tel: 020 7935 5555