Absolut Ice Bar London

ABSOLUT ICEBAR LONDON is officially the coolest bar in town
Absolut Ice Bar

Without a doubt ABSOLUT ICEBAR LONDON is officially the coolest bar in town, and I mean that both literally and figuratively. Not only has it won an award for being the ‘Coolest Bar’ of the year, the temperature inside remains at a constant -5oC/23oF. Don’t let that put you off, it’s not a ploy to save on heating costs, it’s just that the entire bar- walls, tables, chairs and even glasses, are made entirely out of ice. Not just any ice either, it’s shipped in from the Torne River in Sweden no less, known for its unique purity.

Inspired by the original ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjarvi, the bar is melted down and reconstructed every 6 months in a number of innovative and groundbreaking styles; it’s current guise is an industrial work of minimalist cool, complete with cog wheels, industrial pipes, warning sounds and flashing lights. In keeping with the theme, an eclectic blend of factory sounds, beats and groundbreaking electro has been exclusively mixed, providing a soundtrack to this extraordinary social experience. Upon entering the bar (through an air-locked entrance to maintain the chilly interior), bartenders fully clad in industrial protective wear serve unique vodka fusion cocktails in chunky crystal-clear ice glasses.

Now, if you’re like me, you’re probably wondering what you would wear for an evening of subzero glamour? Never fear- the designer has come up with a handy and stylish answer- hooded thermal capes that are provided for every guest. Deliciously toasty, they allow you to remain in the ICEBAR for a full 40 minutes, which is the maximum time they allow you to spend inside (the perfect amount of time to avail of an icy cocktail or two and snap that all important souvenier photo). After that, there’s only one thing for it- to warm up in the belowzero restaurant and lounge.

Belowzero, a subterranean secret set in wine vaults originally used to store wine destined for Buckingham Palace, is fast becoming one of London’s favourite lounge bars, with a reputation for fabulous cocktails and great sharing menus with European style food.

With its palette of Dorset cream, burgundy, and chocolate, velvet curtains and soft leather banquettes, it’s an opulent retreat filled with cosy corners and large booths. They have cleverly divided the space into a number of individually themed areas; the Moose Dining Room, the Reindeer Lounge, Wolf Bar and the Alfresco Terrace, the perfect place to relax and enjoy warm or cold cocktails to the sounds of relaxing live jazz or more up tempo sounds later in the week (try the signature cocktail, the Crumble; apple and blackberry crumble in a glass) food available Tues. /Sat. 12.30 till 2.30 and 5.45 till 10 pm.

Situated on Heddon Street, right in the heart of the West End (just off shopping Mecca Regent Street), it’s the perfect place.
Open Sun/Thurs. 3.30 till 10.15pm. Fri/2.45pm till 12.30am and Sat/ 2.30pm till 12.30am last orders

31/ 33 HEDDON ST.
TEL 020 7478 8910