Analiza Ching Emerging Talent

An exciting new talent, Ching comes from Liuzhou in the Guangxiprovince of Southern China and was seriously classically trained from the age of four.
First taught by her father, a music teacher, she would practice up to eight hours a day to hone her precoucious talent and continued her training at Beijing Music Academy.

Ching was taught dance by her mother, who as a professional dancer is part of the UK’s no 1 choreography group, Rude Eye.

These two talents have combined to produce an exhilarating and enchanting performance for audiences all over the world.

Ching arrived in England in July 2000 to study at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Not speaking a word of English when she arrived she stayed with the Owen family, an English family who are a part of Rendez- Vous, a group supporting young artists.

Ching has gone on to become an internationally acclaimed Virtuoso Violinist performing at extremely high-profile events and receiving praise for her fantastic performances from Rick Wakeman, Laurie Holloway and former British Prime Minister John Major.

In March 2005, Ching was invited to perform at the Tsunami Appeal organized by British Government where the guests included Cheri Blair, Sir John Mills and many other high profile celebrities. And later she was invited to play for Sir John Mills at his private party to celebrate, to what turned out to be, his last birthday.
As well as major venues in the UK, Ching is thrilling audiences on many of the worlds leading cruise lines including Radisson Seven seas, P&O and Silver Seas with her brilliant musical talent. She has performed at Oslo’ top international restaurant for a special French Government awards ceremony and has travelled to Asia, South America and the Mediterranean and the Baltic. She has also performed recently in Classical F.M. and Channel 4 features and has also played in Monte Carlo, Albert Hall, Queen’s Festival Hall and Theatre Royal Windsor

In October of 2007 she performed an after dinner classical recital for Prince Edward and other Royal Family members at Windsor Castle and with her more modern repertoire performed at the UNICEF Masked Ball in London.

She has performed for the Variety Club of Great Britain and the ‘Waterats’
In 2008 she was the star attraction at the Chinese New Year celebrations at
The London Casino Leicester Square and also at the leading fashion designer
Charles Svingholm’s Fashion Show, commanding full page coverage in the
Kensington and Chelsea Times and appeared on Paris Fashion TV Show.

She is now recording her first album with UK’s top producer:
Contact Lord Davidson 07957370675