Chelsea Dental Lounge

With so many people ‘afraid’ of the dentist, Chelsea Dental Lounge has been created to remove the stress and fear. Instead, their ethos is more in-line with that of a spa, with a high standard of treatment that promotes relaxation in their patients.

Opened in June 2008, the Chelsea Dental Lounge was formed in the taking over and re-branding of a former practice. The founder Dr H Pezeshki has extensive and wide-ranging experience working for the private sector, having established 2 successful practices.

The variety of treatments available shows their specialisation in the latest dental technology. As well as this, cosmetic treatments are available, such as ‘the smile makeover’. A completely tailor-made experience, ‘the smile makeover’ is a treatment plan intended to redesign the patient’s mouth according to individual needs.. The positioning of other facial features such as eyes and mouth are taken into account to achieve optimum results.

This exclusive dental lounge offers both comfort and excellent dentistry in a luxurious setting. It strives to provide an atmosphere that is void of any clinical and impersonal note, so synonymous with many other dental surgeries. Patients may even choose the music that would make them most comfortable prior and during treatment. For those who find the thought of visiting the dentist thoroughly daunting, a trip to Chelsea Dental Lounge will change your mind.

0207 581 6161

110-112 Kings Road