Clairvoyant for business

You may not necessarily have thought that a clairvoyant could help you in business, but one of London’s most famous clairvoyants, Lee Van Zyl, most certainly can!
clairvoyant for businesses

You may not necessarily have thought that a clairvoyant could help you in business, but one of London’s most famous clairvoyants, Lee Van Zyl, most certainly can!

As she points out: “In the past ten or so years, not only have I worked with private entrepreneurs, but also for public companies and corporations.

Psychic capabilities may be just as readily applied to finances and opportunities for a business, as they can be to personal life.

They can help show what to look out for, how to establish growth, and whether colleagues are compatible. So say you were hiring a new employee and wanted to know how that person would get on with the rest of the team, by using psychometric testing you could find out.”

According to Lee, her readings are definitive, not only clearly showing what direction a business is going in, but also what challenges are likely to be faced on the way to reaching an objective.

In the long term, Lee likes to use her readings to build a relationship and trust, knowing that giving accurate predictions will bring someone back again and again.

Sometimes Lee works with a company for an exit strategy, in order that they can realise the best financial returns on their investment. More frequently, under her guidance, a company is able to build itself up to a level where it becomes tops in a niche market.

Currently, she is paving the way for that to happen for ES Products. Renowned aromatherapist, Elizabeth Somapala, designed and derived the sixproduct range, but lacked the marketing skills to make an impact. Hence Lee’s help.

Although many of Lee’s readings are face to face, being a specialised remote healer, she insists she can equally give guidance over the phone. “I can work very accurately albeit at distance, even without the aid of video conferencing, because I can see into the voice vibrations, the energy field,” she says. “The voice has a certain timbre and vibration which is individual, unique, just like a fingerprint.”

Although Lee relies predominantly on her psychic gifts and her own spiritual guides, she does use a variety of psychic tools besides. Tarot cards, forecasting by numbers (numerology) and graphology (analysis of writing) are all additionally used in predictions.

Lee Van Zyl graduated university with an honours degree, following it with post grad work in psychology and counselling.

Thanks to her innate psychic gifts, nurtured by her father, she trained in astrology, graphology and numerology; and how to read an aura’s colours.

She adds: “As for Tarot, I’ve worked with this medium for over 25 years and have rewritten and modernised much of the traditional translation of the meanings.”

The length of readings vary as do prices but £100 to 120 an hour is considered a starting point. The number of readings required vary, too, because it depends what the actual issues are. A recruitment issue involving discussion of half a dozen CVs could be done and dusted in an hour, but considering how to lay foundations for new market opportunities for a company will take more than just one reading.

The press (from Vogue to The Guardian) have written praise about Lee Van Zyl. Royalty and pop stars like Dannii Minogue and Melanie Black from All Saints all seek Lee’s private advice, while television claims 250 hours of her time a month.

If you think she can help you, give her a call on TEL. 020 8423 3990

MOB. 07946 632 231