Dubai and U.A.E

Whether you want a beach, city, or desert and mountain vacation, Dubai is the place to be. In the past five to ten years the up and coming city of Dubai has been receiving amazing publicity around the world from the globe’s elite.
It is located on the southern shore of the Arabian Gulf and has beautiful beaches. Currently Dubai’s population is the fastest growing in the world, mostly coming from foreign immigrants. This is all reflected in the growing industry of real estate and hotels. Today, tourism, trade and manufacturing now make up 80% of Dubai’s economy. Oil is a mere 20%. Conde Naste Traveler Magazine even voted Dubai the safest travel city in the world in 2003. The United Arab Emirates was formed in 1971 and is the union of 7 Emirates, one of them being Dubai. Dubai is the second largest of all the Emirate, behind only to Abu Dhabi, which is the largest. Since then they have had a positive role in the region, even helping out in the Persian Gulf War of 1990. Dubai has been ruled by the Al Maktoum dynasty since 1833. The emirates' current ruler, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, is also the Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE.

Properties for Sale
In 2001 Dubai began construction on the first of a set of a series of 3 palm islands. The islands are a series of man made islands built just off the coast of Dubai shaped like a palm tree. The second series of palm islands began construction in 2004. Since then, Dubai has further upped its status as an ideal place to buy real estate.
After the success and interest with the palm islands, ideas began with the construction with another set of man made islands, this time in the shape of the countries of the world. It consists of 300 islands just off the coast of Dubai and is being built by Nakheel Properties. Now, with the right amount of money, one can purchase Russia, or one of the islands that make up the continent of Australia. Rod Stewart is already rumored to have purchased England.

Both the palm islands and the world islands are developing residential homes and condos, but it is the amazing hotels that are really attracting attention. Dubai has spectacular, over the top hotels all over the city in addition to the islands. One of the best city hotels is the five star City Seasons Hotel. It is modern boutique hotel located just opposite the Deira City Centre shopping center and near the gold and spice markets. In terms of beach hotels the Habtoor Grand Resort and Spa, which just reopened in 2005 and looks over the Dubai marina is one of the best. It is also just 35 kilometers from central Dubai. According to the New York Times Travel, one of the top Dubai hotels is Madinat Jumeirah, a collection of beachfront villas. Beyond restaurants and shops, the hotel also has an onsite theatre and is close to the “new Dubai” district. Undoubtedly however, the best hotel in Dubai is the Burj Al Arab Hotel, as it is the only 7-star hotel in the world. It is unique not only because it is the tallest hotel in the world, at a staggering 321 meters, but it is also constructed in the shape of a boat’s sail. It is located on the beach and features plasma TVs, floor to ceiling windows and a multitude of restaurants to choose from. It was built by Said Khalil and designed by the British architect Tom Wright.

Beyond the beautiful beaches and real estate, Dubai is also known for its world famous duty free shopping. Long known as the city of merchants its status as a shopping destination was enhanced in 1996 with the advent of the Dubai Shopping Festival which attracts tourists from all over for a month of shopping each February. In addition to the festival Dubai also has hundreds of shopping centers and malls with all the designers that we all love, including Gucci, Versace, and Louis Vuitin.
However, if there is one purchase you should come to Dubai for, it would definitely be the gold. With the cheapest prices in the world people are coming from all over to buy gold in all forms. The place for buying gold in Dubai is the gold souk, or gold market. There you can find earrings, necklaces and bracelets or easily have something custom made. This market is what helped Dubai become known as the ‘City of Gold.’

Apart from shopping, tourism, and real estate, Dubai is busy with sporting activities. It is the center of many sports events throughout the year including, Dubai tennis championship and the Dubai world cup. There is also golfing, horse racing, and sailing. From January 29th through March 27th is The Dubai International Racing Carnival.

Coming from the damp, cold weather of London, the climate in Dubai will be a great shock because it is very hot. During the winter months, when most people tend to visit Dubai, the average temperature is 23 degrees C. During the summer months it goes all the way to 40 degrees. Visitors are advised to wear hats, use sunscreen and drink plenty of water.