Elliot Rhodes

Elliot Rhodes Belts and Buckles His and Hers

The Elliot Rhodes concept is based on a unique interchangeable system that allows customers to create their own belt styles.

It also allows customers to constantly evolve them with the addition of new straps and buckles. Any same width buckle can fit on our selection of straps allowing for a totally individual result.

Belts are an accessory that expresses individuality and stylish attention to detail.

Our belts they are lovingly handcrafted in Italy and Spain to our own designs and exacting standards using the finest quality leathers and exotics (snakeskin, ostrich, stingray and crocodile). Our buckles come from around the globe enabling us to mix local inspiration and culture with Elliot Rhodes’ unique style. They range from the classic to more adventurous sterling silver buckles encrusted with semi precious stones.

A total of 400 belts and 1000 buckles.

The purchase of an Elliot Rhodes belt does not end once the customer leaves the store. As part of our ongoing service and commitment to a quality product we welcome them to come back to have their belts shortened or polished up at any time.

Thankfully we have found that once a customer has had the Elliot Rhodes experience they can no longer imagine buying a belt from anywhere else – and importantly from our point of view they have started to see belts in a whole new light.

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London WC2E 9NG
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W: www.elliotrhodes.com