The Farm Collective

The Farm Collective's whole ethos is based around bringing the best UK produce from the countryside to the city.
The Farm Collective

Originally working in an investment bank for eight years, Dominic was inspired to set up the Farm Collective following a trip to Australia.

Seeing how food was produced and provided there, he bought the idea back to the UK, teamed up with an old University friend, Craig, threw in some ideas of their own and came up with the Farm Collective. Their whole ethos is based around bringing the best UK produce from the countryside to the City.

Once funding was secured (from some close friends including Mark Christophers, a founding Director of West Cornwall Pasty Co) another friend, Ben, recruited. The Farm Collective started properly in 2007, producing and delivering food best described as “traditional English with a twist.” Sourcing the best quality food, they have brought the idea of a rural farm-shop to the city. Using quality organic and free range products in the things they make themselves such as sandwiches and salads, they ensure that the end products sourced from elsewhere have the same credentials. Their pate comes from a company in North Wales called Patchwork and is run to the same exacting standards that The Farm Collective demands from all their suppliers and themselves.

Dominic, who is director of the firm, says “the provenance of the food is a real passion.” This is not just delicious food, it is ethical too. They demand that all their suppliers treat their animals well and that their methods are not damaging to the environment. Often described as real “foodies food” the things they deliver on demand to the city are something that everyone can enjoy.

Definitely another plus is that they get the best out of this by making sure that the food is fresh. On site at six o’clock every morning, all produce is made on a daily basis and sold in the afternoon. If there is anything left over, it goes to nearby homeless charities so that there is no waste and the process starts again the next day. By not using the preservatives that so many other companies rely on, you can guarantee that there are no nasties lurking in your food.

These people are really moving fast too. A retail site has just been secured in Farringdon that will be open in the New Year. From there you will be able to buy all their products as well as those that they have carefully selected. This is in addition to the delivery and meeting platter service that already operates, event catering, and further hopes to open yet more sites to trade from. The Farm Collective is definitely the one to watch for years to come.

To become part of this and try their delicious food, the contact details are as follows:
TEL. 020 7729 2757