Jasmine Horowitz (Lady For Living)

She’s a slim and glamorous widow; fluent in five languages, Jasmine Horowitz travels the world, has a fluent charm and a casual elegance.
Of the real estate she owns, it includes a stylish villa in Sardinia, and an equally impressive home in Palm Beach. She is now including London in her new life.

Recently seen at the famous Black and White Ball in Versailles with Mrs Valery Giscard D’Estaing, wife of the former French President and yet again Jasmine, on a French televison show, featuring her and covering aspects of her life. This included, riding a wild camel in Marrakech as well as, seated in the most famous Parisian restaurant with the Duc D’ Orleans, (heir to the French Throne, incidentally also born in Morocco). In the show he was her “Guide in Paris”. There was a bit of gossip reported, which Jasmine denies! But in France, she is instantly recognisable.

On German TV in 2008, she was the Pucci Woman of the Year. In Palm Beach, Florida, French TV channel M6, the major national network, followed her to the annual charity Mad Hatters Benefit, she incidentally won first prize for “The Best Mad Hat” (quite by accident Jasmine assures me). The rest of the programme showed her practising Ashtanga Yoga; Madonna’s favourite. The film crew continued following her around; choosing ballgowns for the Renaissance Ball at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club. Jasmine has been supporting this with Christopher Lawford, one of the Kennedy boys, known for raising money for rehabilitation of former drug addicts.

Jasmine whilst appearing on many television programmes spends a great deal of her time working with various charities. She has a passion for art and is quite knowledgeable. Surrounding her, is that mysterious quality called style, which has made her an international hostess of repute, who now adds London to her way of life and her list of homes.

“I am passionate about yoga and that fulfils my spiritual side. Working in business with my husband Fred, for many years, we met the most fascinating people from all over the world. What makes me happy is moving from one dimension to another – if I had to stick only to one, for example, business or parties or charity work, I wouldn’t be happy at all. I prefer having a combination, which makes life interesting. Yes, I like parties as I’m very people orientated, and social life allows me to meet new people as well as spending time with true friends. But life doesn’t revolve around parties alone. It’s the combination and balance which creates happiness.”

As an only child, born in Poland, raised in Switzerland, she first married a Texan oilman and was for 20 years, the wife of Manfredo, often known as Fred Horowitz, (cousin to the famous pianist Vladimir Horowitz). Renowned as much for his legendary parties at the Palace Hotel in St Moritz, Monte Carlo and Deauville as for introducing big stones and fabulous gems by Harry Winston, to the rich and famous in Europe and the Far East. He had, amongst his clients all the international Jet Set, Sultans, movie stars, heads of state, Saudi Princes, Sheiks, Kings, Emperors and most of the tycoons from the “Fortune 400” list. He became a legend in the business, and was described by the actor George Hamilton, in his recent book as, “the Salesman of the Century”.

Spreading her wings to London
Jasmine tells me: “I’m now looking for a permanent home in London because it’s such a fabulous place, so very alive. There’s always so much going on, and a vibrant energy about London. Not simply the social and cultural dimensions but it is also very international. I am looking in the Belgravia, Kensington or Chelsea areas because they are not only colourful and friendly but I’m familiar with them. My ideal home would be a typically English town house with high ceilings and traditional features opposite one of London’s amazing garden squares.”
“It's so great to wake up in the morning and see a view of trees and spring blossom from my drawing room windows, London has a charm to it that no other large city can match and I’m fascinated by it.”
As with the charities in Palm Beach, Jasmine hopes to get more involved here in London. As mentioned before, she is a great believer in the Arts and is a great fan and supporter of the Royal Academy of Arts. She trained to be a ballerina and has a love of classical ballet.
Even up close, this charming woman looks great, so I couldn’t resist asking her if she was for or against cosmetic surgery. She laughed,
“Even when I was 20 I knew I had to slow down the ageing process. I was very concerned about getting old and losing my looks. Genes can obviously be an advantage in continuing to look young and leading a regular healthy life. Being a vegetarian helps too, but taking up yoga made an immense difference in keeping my figure in good shape. So far as the face is concerned, it depends on structure. I’m very lucky because I have high cheek bones so I’ve never had plastic surgery, but the day I think I need it, I will definitely do so.”

I asked, What do you like about English men? she remarks: “they are witty and entertaining and I am happy to say they are “Gentlemen”

“Jasmine I think you are the type of gal London needs!”