Kew Gardens

Plants benefitting mankind

With its collections of living and preserved plants, of plant products and botanical information, it forms an encyclopaedia of knowledge about the plant kingdom.
Kew's science and conservation around the world

Kew's science and conservation work is making a huge difference in the UK and around the world. Plants provide the air we breathe, clean water and we all rely on plants for food. Explore our global map and discover more about Kew's work through our amazing stories.

the new discoveries Kew's science teams have made across plant science and mycology, with hundreds of new species being discovered each year
how Kew's Millennium Seed Bank partnership is driving vital global conservation work. Kew's work is helping to save plants and habitats at risk around the world, combat climate change and safeguard plants for use in the future
how our innovative research into the use of plants is helping communities world wide and highlighting new potential for plants
how our global network of partnerships is helping us share our knowledge and expertise worldwide and take action to save plants and habitats.