Situated in the heart of Kensington, this unique and revolutionary fitness suite, comprising of 15 elegant treatment rooms, can make you look and feel great, without the hard work.

Body Science
The two primal forces of heat and electricity have been combined to create this exclusive treatment with rapid results. It works in the same way as the body’s own healing and strengthening processes and can help with many conditions from minor niggles, to serious injuries and complaints.

This treatment can be used for a number of different purposes. With the aid of professional advice from a highly trained consultant or medical representative, you can decide how the treatment will work best for you; whether it be firming, toning, shaping, slimming, injuries or detox. Different currents of electricity have different effects on the body. Some currents will stimulate muscle contractions, which will tone the muscle, some currents will break down fat and reduce cellulite, and some currents will improve blood flow and reduce pain.

Post-holiday Blues
One favourite treatment at The Luzmon is nipping the effects of jetlag in the bud. As the ‘travel bug’ causes mood swings by decreased levels of serotonin, fatigue, indigestion and muscle stiffness, Luzmon staff use treatments that will help to alleviate the symptoms. Programmes, which encourage oxygen and nutrients to flow around the body, help relieve muscle stiffness by producing toxin-eliminating antibodies. For all you winter sun seekers, this treatment will prolong that holiday feeling. Even if you can’t get away this winter, you can always take a mini break during your lunch hour.

The Luzmon states that you have a choice; either 16 painful hours in the gym or 45 effortless minutes at The Luzmon!

The Luzmon
45 Phillimore Walk
London W8 7RZ

Tel: 020 7937 3200