Inherit The Wind
Is based on the famous 1925 Scopes 'Monkey' trial in which science teacher John Scopes is accused of violating a Tennessee state statute by teaching Charles Darwin's theory of evolution to his students.
Closing: 20 Dec 2009

Six Degrees Of Separation
Is inspired by the real life story of a flamboyant con artist who managed to convince wealthy residents of Manhattan's Upper East Side he was the son of Sidney Poitier.
Opening Night: 19 Jan 2010
Closing: 03 Apr 2010
As You Like It (The Bridge Project)
Now in its second year, The Bridge Project is a transatlantic collaboration between the Old Vic and Brooklyn Academy of Music which brings together a company of actors from both sides of the Atlantic to perform a double bill of classic plays.
Shakespeare's pastoral romantic comedy.
Opening Night: 23 Jun 2010 Booking Until: 21 Aug 2010