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Psychic Suzanna Vane

Our agony aunt Suzanne Vane was born a natural medium and clairvoyant.

Able to see the past, present and future events that take place in our life, and with her warm and comforting nature, you can go to her with any issue and receive an honest, accurate and genuine answer.

Whatever your anxieties, Suzanne can help you understand your situation and provide you with guidance. If you’d like your questions answered and published on this page just send your questions to us at
TEL / FAX: 01376 584 005

Dear Suzanne, My boyfriend is in the army and is due to be posted overseas. Is there a chance that in spite of this we may stay together and get married?
Amelia Fitzsimmons, Goodlife reader

SUZANNE SAYS: Amelia, there is a lot of upheaval and changes at this time, and he is nervously looking at the future. With his current state of mind, he is not in a frame to commit to anything long term, but remember that things change, and events do change the outcome of what I see today; tomorrow might be very different. You must be patient if you think that this relationship will go on. Today, however, I don’t see that this might be the case.

Dear Suzanne, I’m recently in a new position, how do you see my future career progressing?
Lizzy Hughes, GoodLife reader

SUZANNE SAYS: Lizzy, I can see that the position that you are currently in is giving you a lot of concern, partly due to your lack of experience for the job in question. I also see that you want to make systems and changes and you are at times unable to accept authority. This could be a dangerous situation in the respect that your lack of knowledge and desire to make changes which you are not equipped to make will ultimately cause conflict with your boss. I feel that you need to evaluate your dislike for authority to make your future prospects brighter.