The Shirt Company

The Shirt Company was formed in 2007 by Donna Middleton and Christina Tontini, who met whilst working for a London fashion house.

Disappointed because they couldn’t find great fitting white shirts at an affordable price, they decided to start a company and design their own. Two years on, Donna is now the sole director of the company, working with a group of friends to create exciting and stylish collections of white shirts for women of all ages and silhouettes. Inspired by film, architecture, art and 1950’s Vogue pattern books, (think Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday) their crisp, white, collared shirts are iconic, elegant and timeless. Manufactured entirely from fine Italian shirting fabric in a century old factory in the north of Italy, the quality and design of her shirts transcend seasonal fluctuation, proving a staple wardrobe item. It is however the fine attention to detail that sets these classic pieces apart from their contemporaries, with panels, collars and cuffs ingeniously brought together using diagonal and horizontal pin-tucks, frills, ruffles and pleats to create everything from the most simple of white shirts to the most flamboyant.

Sizes 8 – 18, prices range from £59.95 to £99.95. Available online at, or through direct mail 0845 119 2343.