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The Shirt Company

I was born in New Zealand and grew up on our cattle farm in the North Island. My childhood was idyllic.

We had many pet animals – horses, donkeys, possums, rabbits, lambs and guinea pigs to name a few. We were all brought up to make use of our resources through creativity and ingenuity. My father was a terrible hoarder, although he did successfully make use of most of his stockpile and my mother was wonderful at making the majority of our clothes, and as a youngster taught me to make patterns out of newspaper and to cut and sew.

My early to late teens were spent in full-time boarding school where I endured 5 yrs of black-watch tartan pinafores, blazers, regulation undergarments, knee high socks, ill-fitting white shirts and many detentions! I adored English Vogue and excelled in sewing and home economics in a very academic environment.

Aged 20 I left NZ and spent two years backpacking around the Far East and Europe, finally settling in London where I started a shop at Portobello Market selling elaborate housecoats made from Sari fabrics sourced in India. It was a very inspirational time and Portobello was full of creativity and emerging design talent providing me with invaluable associations and knowledge to this day.

At this time I also started my BA Fashion Design degree at London College of Fashion. It was wonderful to study in London and I felt so at home at LCF. During this period I was awarded a scholarship to study at FIT in New York and I also completed internships with TSE in NYC, Amanda Wakeley in London, Burberry and Karen Walker.
In 2001 I graduated with 1st Class Honours.

After graduating I was employed by Lawson Cashmere providing knitwear to Mulberry, Amanda Wakeley, Whistles and Saks. Following this I have worked a number of years for Windsmoor in London.

Sadly I was diagnosed with cancer in 2007, at which time I took a four-month spell from my position at Windsmoor. Whilst convalescing I dreamt up The Shirt Company with my dear friend and colleague Christina Tontini.

The Shirt Company was started as an antidote to disposable high street fashion – I wanted to put together an exciting yet sustainable collection of white shirts suitable for women of all ages and silhouettes.
The shirts transcend seasonal fluctuation and are a stable wardrobe item made entirely from fine Italian shirting fabric in a century old factory in the north of Italy. The panels, collars and cuffs are ingeniously brought together with diagonal and horizontal pin-tucks, frills, ruffles and pleats to create the most simple of classic white shirts to the most flamboyant ones.

Prices range from 59.95 to 99.95 and are available online at www.theshirtcompany.com, or through direct mail 08451192343.