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Since its beginnings in 1987, The Goodlife has had a reputation for putting people in touch with people, for knowing who to contact and when to contact them.

The Public Relations branch of the company grew when people began approaching us for help in organising parties, promoting their businesses and building a good reputation for their services.

We have a unique Public Relations advantage because:

We organise launches, parties and openings;
We have been in London for 17 years, going to parties and working with Famous Faces and Celebrities;
We have a unique mailing list which few PR companies can match.

We are viewed with trust by the press because we are also a respected Publishing House. We have ‘a foothold in both sides of the can'.

We organise fashion shows twice yearly in which we have 2-3 film crews, ITV, BBC, Carlton TV, AMC/American Movie Channel and more - as well as in Broadsheet newspapers.

We have unprecedented contacts in the press. They generate publicity about themselves on a regular basis and are hugely helpful when we want publicity for our own events.

We were once given a week to organise the launch of a restaurant and had 75 members of the press present ... plus 15 Celebrities including Davina McCall, Dale Winton and Lucy Benjamen (Lisa from Eastenders).

We have a great understanding of the consumer market. We are talking to retailers and business people all day long and they are giving us valuable information as to the state of the market.

We deal with fashion designers, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, health and beauty outlets, health practitioners, artists and the art world, retailers, builders and property people (and we socialise with many more).

We are well known in London and know London well. We socialise frequently and spread the word.

We have the writing and marketing skills to promote businesses thoroughly and effectively. We speak the language of the press and have an unparalleled knowledge of each sector our client targets.

We have the staff to chase, e-mail, fax and send press releases out to magazines and the press.

We can reach the trade and the consumer.

We target television, radio, broadsheets, newspapers, local press and magazines, glossy magazines, in-flight magazines and trade press wherever and whenever necessary.

We can co-ordinate promotions with famous people. We can showcase them in our magazines and e-mail and invite them to various do's,

We organise regular photo shoots in which we endeavour to cut major costs which our clients would have to spend so they end up paying very little in this area.

Invitations, normally costing an "arm and a leg", we help defray the cost of the artwork and, very often, nearly all the printing.

For help with your Public Relations & Promotions contact us at:

Mobile : +44 (0) 7973 523139